Saint John the Baptist Roman Catholic Parish
Monaca, Pennsylvania

Welcome to All

A sincere welcome to all visitors of this website. This internet site is a tool that can be useful in becoming or continuing as an active member of the faith community of Saint John the Baptist. It is a way to help interested visitors become acquainted with the parish, its organizations and services.

Much thanks to you who already give of yourselves in service to the parish. It is hoped that this website will make you more aware of all that
Saint John the Baptist Parish here in Monaca has to offer and will serve as an invitation to all to become more involved in parish life.

Each person has special God-given talents to cultivate and use for his/her own benefit as well as, and more importantly, to share for the benefit of others. May the information contained here inspire you to join and share YOUR special talents.

The community of
Saint John the Baptist as a parish has given witness to Christ and the Catholic faith through its members since 1888. Generations of believers, the faithful of this parish, have over the decades handed on many special and lasting gifts, but especially one - a guiding, active, living faith. It is a gift to be received and also to be given, again and again -- by way of prayer, sacrifice and effort -- to parishioners of our own time and those of future generations.

With this in mind, please explore these webpages and welcome.


"Just One" Stewardship
In one way or another, we have all been blessed. Will you share your blessings? Will you give of yourself to God's kingdom through your actions — your time, talent, and treasures — in your parish? Can you give "just one": through a ministry or a special project? one hour per week? one hour per month? one more dollar per week in your envelope? Here, in your parish, your "just one" does truly make a difference!

About Us
Within this section you will find basic information related to a number of aspects of the parish community of Saint John the Baptist:


A Note Regarding the Web Banner Inscription:

The Latin phrases that are part of the banner found at the top of each page of this website are the words of the archangel Gabriel spoken to Zechariah as found in Luke 1:76. The words announce Zechariah's soon-to-be born son, who shall be known as John the Baptist. These inscriptions translated into English mean:

"...For you will go on before the Lord to prepare His ways,..."

As parishioners of the church that bears the name of St. John the Baptist as its patron, we are called to carry on his mission.