Saint John the Baptist Roman Catholic Parish
Monaca, Pennsylvania

On Mission for The Church Alive!

ATTENTION PARISHIONERS: On Mission for The Church Alive!
As our ancestors in faith worked to build the kingdom of God here on earth, we have the opportunity to do the same. On Mission for the Church Alive! invites us to picture how our parishes, schools and ministries can be vital centers of worship and service and deepen our relationship with Jesus. In draft models that were proposed at our Parish Consultation Sessions, we see ways that existing parishes can be grouped together into new parishes that can provide improved ministry and outreach. Recommendations for facilities needed to serve a new parish will also be suggested. In the overall process, YOUR feedback is very important.

The St. John the Baptist Parish draft models are available online through the On Mission for The Church Alive! website (as of Friday, October 28, 2016). There you will also find more information related to our draft models as well as our parish-specific information packet and the parish-specific video that was shown at our parish's consultation session. You can also provide your feedback/comments through the site.

To access the
St. John the Baptist Parish draft models and parish-specific materials, visit the diocesan On Mission for The Church Alive! website. Once there, hover over Parish Models as found on the top navigation bar. From the drop down menu, select Vicariate 3 Parish Models. On the Vicariate 3 Parish Consultation Presentations and Surveys page, watch Bishop Zubick's introductory video, then select Vicariate 3, District 5 — Saint John the Baptist, Monaca by clicking on the button next to it. Go to to begin.

All are invited to study the challenges and opportunities we face together.
Your feedback is essential. Be the hands, feet, and heart of Christ by getting involved.

On Mission for the Church Alive! Timeline
Consultation Phase: Now through March 2018 — The twenty-one members of the On Mission Commission will make their formal recommendations to Bishop Zubik. Over the next few months, Bishop Zubik continues to consult with his advisory bodies; clergy are interviewed in preparation for new assignments; categories for the implementation (A-B-C) are assigned to the groupings. The categories depend on size, current state of demographics and financial stability of grouping. The blueprints for implementation are developed with the assistance of pastors who have worked through former mergers and multiple parish pastoring.

Transition Phase: April through Fall 2018 — Sometime after Easter 2018, Bishop Zubik will announce his decisions regarding the parish groupings. Along with those, he will name the clergy teams for each one, the categories for each, and the number of weekend Masses. The clergy teams will begin working with a blueprint and with support staff from the diocesan administration. There will be gatherings of the incoming and outgoing clergy to share important information regarding the groupings and to establish a Sunday Mass schedule that can be publicized in advance of the actual beginning of the new assignments.

Implementation Phase: Fall 2018 and Beyond — The clergy begin their assignments and the revised Mass schedule, based in the number of clergy assigned, takes effect. Parishes continue to function as separate under this common leadership. No buildings close and nothing merges. Parish advisory bodies come together, assisted by diocesan support and guidance about how they operate as they work with the clergy to fulfill the blueprint outcomes. The central focus becomes build relationship with all the parishioners in the grouping. The groupings in Category A will have up to two years to come together with decisions about becoming one new parish, offering three options for a new parish name, and making decisions about how many missions (formally campuses) it will need to accomplish its goals in area such as faith formation, outreach and evangelization. Those groupings in Category B will have up to three years, and those in Category C, up to five years. (To download a copy of the On Mission Timeline, click here.)

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Total Parish Faith Formation
Our first session of Total Parish Faith Formation will be held next Sunday, September 24, 2017, beginning with the 11:00AM Mass followed by a gathering in Msgr. Farri Hall. Please note that kindergarten thru 8th grade Faith Formation will meet at 12Noon on September 24, 2017, instead of the normal 9:30AM time.


Building the Kingdom of God
In the gospel Jesus compares the kingdom of God to a number of different things: a man who sowed good seed, a mustard seed, and yeast. Similarly, there is no one way to build up the kingdom of God in the Church. As the On Mission for The Church Alive! initiative progresses, our parishes will be restructured to better serve the needs of our communities, but the results will not be cookie-cutter. In fact, each grouping of parishes will be asked to discover the best ways to build up the kingdom of God in light of the unique situations of their families and neighborhoods. In the end, it is hoped that the Church, the Body of Christ, will grow and flourish as we focus on how God is alive in us. What gifts has God planted in your heart that can allow His love and goodness to be shared with others?

Do Unto Others
The servant in today’s gospel did not treat others as he expected to be treated. While his master was generous and sacrificed concerning what was owed to him by the servant, the servant was greedy and would not sacrifice for his fellow servant. Sacrifice can be difficult for us, but we know that to be generous is to live like Jesus. On Mission for The Church Alive! may require sacrifice from us as our parishes are transformed to best serve the faithful. It will also provide new and wonderful ways for us to be generous with our gifts and talents for the good of our sisters and brothers and the Church. When we become nervous about the changes that will occur, we cannot forget to trust that God will be generous in bestowing His peace upon us and in strengthening our faith in Him.


Additional Resource Material
On Mission bulletin insert for 09/18/16: Things are Going to Change. Why?
On Mission bulletin insert for 10/02/16: Prepare-Example of a Draft Model
On Mission bulletin insert for 10/09/16: Be Part of the Change
On Mission bulletin insert for 05/07/17:


What is On Mission for The Church Alive! Anyway?
On Mission for The Church Alive! is a diocesan-wide planning initiative involving all clergy, religious and laity of the Diocese of Pittsburgh. The goal of On Mission for The Church Alive! is to help our parishes and schools, our health care facilities and campus ministry programs and every faith community in our diocese become even more vibrant communities of worship and service, while challenging all of us to be excited about our faith! Basically and ever more, The Church Alive!

Go to for a detailed explanation covering the key components and timeline of this consultative and strategic planning process. Follow On Mission for The Church Alive! on Twitter at @PghChurchAlive for further information. Have something to share about how your parish is On Mission? Use hashtags: #ChurchAlive and #OnMissionPgh to let the world know.


On MissionSt. John the Baptist Parish Team
At the invitation of Fr. Michael Ruffalo, the following parishioners have been designated to serve as members of our parish's On Mission Parish Team (Vicariate 3 District 5):
  • David Baker
  • Dan Depenhart
  • Donna Filippelli
  • Adrianna Kaminsky
  • Norma Rudolph
  • Jeff Thomas
The responsibilities of an On Mission Parish Team include the following:
  1. Publicize and support the On Mission for The Church Alive! planning initiative in their daily interactions so that as many people as possible can receive the invitation to participate in the process.
  2. Participate in consultation sessions to generate feedback on future models of parish life to the On Mission Commission.
  3. Lead consultation sessions with parishioners in order to inform them about the planning initiative and engage them in providing feedback on future models of parish life.
  4. Summarize the feedback from their fellow parishioners using the tools provided so that the On Mission Commission can benefit from the timely and thoughtful insights of parishioners from around the Diocese of Pittsburgh.

Parish teams are not responsible for making recommendations or for supporting a particular model of parish life. Recommendations to Bishop David Zubik will be made by the
On Mission Commission.

[Go to
to find out more about the
On Mission Parish Team service as well as On Mission for The Church Alive!]


Prayer for On Mission for The Church Alive!
Written for use throughout the Diocese of Pittsburgh:

Prayer for On Mission for The Church Alive!
Father of Mercy,
as we journey
On Mission for The Church Alive!,
endow us with your gifts of
collaboration, courage and compassion.
Help us to fulfill the mission of Jesus and His Church
through vibrant parishes and effective ministries.
Raise up selfless, energetic leaders
to serve the Church in fidelity and with care.

May we, the Church of Pittsburgh
in Allegheny, Beaver, Butler, Greene,
Lawrence and Washington counties,
be sustained and strengthened by your grace.
Help us to learn Jesus, to love Jesus and to live Jesus.
Hear this prayer and grant it through Jesus Christ our Lord,
with the help of our dear Blessed Mother,
under the mantle of her love.



On Mission: A New Pentecost
Come, Holy Spirit and fill us with your gift of wonder and awe in God's presence. May we never forget that our lives are made for what is eternal (heaven), not what will pass away (earth). May we always stand in amazement before God and the wonderful ways He is at work in our lives, the world and the Church. May we be free from sin to maintain our union with God and may we reflect His love as we are united with our brothers and sisters.

Come, Holy Spirit and fill us with your gifts of right judgment and courage. Give us right judgment so that we may know what is good for ourselves and for the Church and always choose what is right. Give us courage that we might step outside of our comfort zone, take risks and think outside of the box in order to renew the Church and the world.

Come, Holy Spirit, fill us with your gifts of wisdom and understanding. Give us wisdom so that we may be open to your ways, know your will for our lives and for the Church of Pittsburgh. Give us understanding as we follow Christ, that we may comprehend His message of loving God and others before ourselves.

Come, Holy Spirit and fill us with Your gifts of knowledge and reverence. Give us knowledge so that we may think and act confidently in ways that will inspire faith and grow the Church. Give us reverence so that whatever may come we might rely on God with unwavering humility, trust and love and honor Him through worship, deed and word.

As we journey
On Mission for The Church Alive!, inspire us to be open and trusting to the changes that await us, and strengthen us to live our baptismal call of building up the Kingdom of God on earth.



On Mission Commission
The On Mission Commission, comprised of representatives from each of the diocese's 21 districts. It will oversee the process of recommending to Bishop Zubik how parishes and schools can best deliver vibrant sacramental celebration, effective formation for discipleship, and compassionate pastoral care in the context of changing circumstances including demographics, financial conditions, and the projected number of priests.

Commission members will have the responsibility of reviewing all of the draft models and gathered feedback from the priests, deacons, religious and lay faithful so the they can submit a recommendation to Bishop David Zubik
by December 31, 2017. The On Mission Commission members serve also as ambassadors of the planning initiative to their fellow parishioners in the district they represent.

On Mission Commission members have five primary responsibilities:
  1. Discern, discuss and advise the Diocesan Bishop on strategic questions and opportunities for the On Mission for The Church Alive! planning initiative.
  2. Validate and/or offer refinement to the draft district models provided by the On Mission steering committees so that the model creation process is based in authenticity and transparency.
  3. Attend the consultation sessions at the district and cluster levels in order to gather feedback on future models.
  4. Publicize and support the On Mission for The Church Alive! planning initiative in their daily interactions so that as many people as possible can receive the invitation to participate in the process.
  5. Support Bishop Zubik's decision and be a hopeful and Gospel-centered witness as the People of God move toward The Church Alive!

[Visit the
On Mission webpage to review the On Mission Commission membership.]


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