Saint John the Baptist Roman Catholic Parish
Monaca, Pennsylvania

The faith community of St. John the Baptist remembers...
In Praise and Prayer
The Parish of St. John the Baptist gives thanks to God for its patron, St. John the Baptist, who by his message and example has shown us the ways of salvation. May he continue to watch over us and help us on our path to life free from sin as well as in our mission as a Catholic community of believers.

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I Remember at St. John's...
Sharing favorite memories of St. John the Baptist Parish...

"I remember the beautiful
Latin High Mass sung by the all-male [parish] choir under the direction of Mr. and Mrs. Val (Dr. Emma) Rocco."

It is right to give Him thanks and praise.

Mary Marchione


"The first
St. John’s Church [building] that I remember was the small brick church at Virginia Avenue & 15th Street, where the school now stands. The wooden altar was at the front of the church, and Fr. Canova had his back to us during Mass. In the spring we had Strawberry Festivals in the backlot behind the church. I made my first holy communion and confirmation in that church.

When the current church was built, the small brick church was torn down. My husband, Albert, and I had our marriage blessed in the new church with Fr. Canova officiating. His secretary, Emery Cain, and his housekeeper, Victoria, were witnesses. When Fr. Farri became the pastor (He wasn’t a
monsignor just yet.), my husband Albert, told him that we wanted to buy the old church’s Stations of the Cross [relief panels] that had been sent to the diocese for storage. They went to Pittsburgh and purchased them for $3 each and put them in the convent. They are now in the school. I have many good memories of St. John’s — my children’s baptisms, holy communions, confirmations and marriages."

Anna Antoline


"When we were married I was a non-Catholic and the marriage ceremony was held in the rectory. On our 40th wedding anniversary, we renewed our vows at a special Mass with Father DeCarlo and Father Nick [Mastrangelo] as co-celebrants. Celebrating this with our family and friends in attendance made this very special."

Guy & Theo Polce


"Students at St. John's went to
Stations of the Cross every Friday during Lent. Our classmates were altar boys and carried the candles as Father prayed the Stations. It was all we could do to keep from laughing, and causing the boys to laugh, while trying to be serious.

Girls and women were required to cover their heads when in church. We wore either hats or 'chapel veils'. If you didn't have a chapel veil, we would place a Kleenex on our head using bobby pins.

When I was quite young, I thought the confessional was HUGE. It was later that I realized how very small it really is. The
Sisters of Divine Providence taught at St. John's. When they wore [full-length] habits, we would try to get a peek of their ankles."

Sue Schachern-Henderson