Saint John the Baptist Roman Catholic Parish
Monaca, Pennsylvania

Christ instituted the sacraments using outward signs as a way to give grace. They are: Baptism, Confirmation, the Eucharist, Penance, Anointing of the Sick, Holy Orders and Matrimony. These seven sacraments touch all stages of and constitute important moments in a Christian life. The seven fall under one of three categories:

Sacraments of Initiation
Baptism, Confirmation, and the Eucharist
are the foundations of a life in Christ.


Baptism is the basis of Christian life, the way to life in the Spirit; the door to the other sacraments. Through baptism we are freed from sin and become children of God. As God's children, we are incorporated into the Church and share in the Church's mission.
  • Baptism is usually celebrated on the first and third Sundays at 1:00PM. Arrangements must be made through the rectory in advance. Completion of a Baptism Preparation Class, offered each month is required before a baptism can be scheduled. Please see the bulletin or the News & Events page for announcements pertaining to the class schedule. Please contact the Pastoral Center to register.
Through Confirmation, the baptized are more perfectly bound to the Church and are enriched with a special strength of the Holy Spirit.
  • Confirmation is normally conferred by a bishop or as part of the liturgy during the Easter Vigil. Please watch the weekly bulletin for announcements concerning the Sacrament of Confirmation and/or RCIA, or you may contact the parish office. (Sufficient preparatory instruction is required.)

The Eucharist is the all and all of Christian life. The remaining sacraments are connected with the Eucharist. For in the Holy Eucharist is contained the total spiritual good of the Church, namely Christ.
  • Please contact the parish office regarding First Communion preparation for an appointment. (Sufficient preparatory instruction is required.)

Sacraments of Healing
A soul can be weakened and even lost by sin.
Christ desires His Church, by the power of the Holy Spirit,
to continue His work of healing and salvation.


Penance/Reconciliation (Confession)
Through Penance (or Reconciliation), pardon is obtained by way of God's mercy for the offense committed against God. At the same time, the penitent is reconciled with the Church wounded by sin; a church which by charity, by example, and by prayer labors for the conversion of sinners.
  • Thursdays from 6:00PM to 7:00PM (prior to the 7:00PM Mass); Saturdays from 12noon to 1:00PM; or by appointment

Anointing of the Sick
The Anointing of the Sick is not a sacrament only for those who are at the point of death. When any of the faithful begins to be in danger of death from sickness or old age, it is the fitting to receive this sacrament.
  • When hospitalized or in a nursing facility, please inform the hospital/staff that you are Catholic.
  • When house bound or at your home convalescing, please contact the parish office to make arrangements to have the Eucharist brought to you.

Sacraments at the Service of Communion
The inclined objective of Holy Orders and Matrimony is the salvation of others
as well as personal salvation through service to others.


Matrimony signifies the union of Christ and the Church. The attendance of Jesus at the wedding at Cana is recognized as conveying an important sign. It is a confirmation of the goodness of marriage and proclaims marriage to be an efficacious sign of Christ's presence.
  • Arrangements must be made at least six months in advance. The date should not be set until the pastor has been consulted. All couples will be required to participate in a pre-marriage program.
  • Recognized pre-marriage programs are available. (For further information on these, click here.) Before enrolling, please discuss the matter with our pastor.

Holy Orders
The sacrament through which the mission entrusted by Christ to His apostles continues until the end of time. It is carried out in three degrees of service: episcopate (bishops), presbyterate (priests), and diaconate (deacons).